Table Top Rally

Table Top Rally

Christmas Headache - Table Top Rally!

It's back and NOT by popular demand but to frustrate and annoy you when you have nothing better to do than watch Mary Poppins for the 48th time?

It also might get you out of the washing up or wrapping presents.

Usual rules apply - I'm right and so are my answers - Will not enter into dialogue unless you donate to charity for every clue!

All clear, then let the fun begin - You'll need Map 191 my edition was D1 underscore.

All the clues are listed Blue book rules do not apply.

It’s all on OS map 191 – my route and answers are right – Good luck!

(Print off a copy here.)

Start square 7872:

RYR, YyYy, YyY, yyyy, yYyY, yyy, yyy, yyy, yyy, yyy, yyy, yyy, yyy, yYyY, yyy, yyy, yyy, yyy, yYY, YyY, yyyw, www, wYY, YYy.

1.) Where am I?

2.) Number of the 1st and 3rd spot height you travel thru?

3.) Do you pass thru any letters and what are they?

Start in Square 8278 CRO:

O,UU, U, u, o, u, d, D, O, d, U, u, D, d, u, U, D, O, O, U, U, U, U, U, U, U, D, O, UU, U, O, d, D, d, O, O, d, d, DD, U, DD, d, d, d, d, DD, DD.

1.) What landmark do you finish at?

2.) The sum of the spot heights you go thru?

3.) Any letters you travel thru?

4.) How many junctions do you use twice?

5.) And what squares?

Start at Labbett's Cross square 7211 Finish on 7707 Morchard Bishop travelling via the following ONLY use all roads that go.

83 x 0 79 x 4 75 x 1 05 x 0 09 x 3

82 x 6 78 x 4 74 x 1 06 x 4 10 x 5

81 x 2 77 x 3 73 x 1 07 x 3 11 x 7

80 x 0 76 x 1 72 x 0 08 x 3 12 x 0

1.) Name the rivers that you cross?

2.) Name any where you pass within 200m that has an animal connection?

And finally SEEING RED, start on the bridge in square 6893 depart east and use the shortest route between all roads that have red or red markings ON them. Each instruction represents and road from junction to junction.

Short = guess (+ or - 1) as my eyesight may be wonky.

x2, QUIET thru SPREYTON x2, x7, x2, x13, 1, x9, x6, 1 x9, x7, x1, 1, 1, x3, x5, x4, x5, x2, x1, (x6 + x2), x1, x8 short, x7short, x3, x9, x2,

Finish = Sampford Courtenay train station

1.) How many times and at what squares do you cross the A30?

2.) List the A & B roads do you cross or travel down?

Results will be published in the New Year

Merry Christmas

Andy Ballantyne

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