Totnes Show Grass Autotest

  • Sunday 31st July 2022

  • Clubman's event - (see below)

  • Not seen Autotest before - it's great fun!

  • Use your StreetCar!

  • Venue:  Totnes & District Show, Great Court Farm, Berry Pomeroy TQ6 9LE

UPDATE: 20/6/2022:  Enter below from 7pm tonight!


Autoesters in action!

StreetCar MotorsportUK SHMC

Autotest is all about car control. The challenge is to negotiate as quickly as possible a memorised, low-speed course without hitting any markers.

  • £20 Entry Fee
  • 4 tests on offer - on grass  (May be 5)
  • 3 runs on each test with best 2 to count.
  • Entry fee includes entry to the Totnes Show to allow you to have a look around
  • A day of good cheap enjoyable motorsport!
  • Read all about StreetCar at MotorsportUK

NOTE: Signing on and payment MUST be made/done before the event meaning no signing on or paying on the day due to ensuring enough passes are given out for the show.

Timings are yet to be confirmed but entry to the venue will be around 8.15am and 9am start

**Under no circumstances can M+S tyres be used**

You need to be a member of the motor club - Join here and have a MotorsportUK RS Clubman's licence, which is free.  Apply here.

If you can't enter then marshals are always needed and welcome, any help is greatly appreciated.

How do Autotests work?

Drivers compete on courses – usually on tarmac or grass areas such as car parks or smooth fields – marked out by plastic pylons or cones. They tackle a number of tests, with two or three attempts at each. The driver with the lowest accumulated time is the winner, although penalties are incurred for hitting cones, failing to stop on a line, or for taking the wrong route.

You can read more on the MotorsportUK website... and on the dedicated StreetCar website.

If you have any questions please get in touch here

More details and how to enter.

All information is available here WHEN PUBLISHED:

CO2 and Climate change

As part of our commitment to:
•    The protection of the environment
•    Reducing the detrimental impact of events on the environment
•    Improving the sustainability of motorsport in the UK

We donate a small environmental levy from our events to offset the CO2 produced by all competing vehicles, and that of the South Hams Motor Club organisers on the event. We invest this in a local tree planting scheme to permanently offset the carbon produced and to achieve net-zero carbon for our events.

Read more here.


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If you have enjoyed competing on one of our events or just want to do something good today, why not help our county's Air Ambulance?

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