TSH 2024 - Announcement


Steve and Yvonne Furzeland - 1st overall - 2023 TSH Stages

TSH Stages: 11th and 12th May 2024

South Hams MC are sorry to announce that due to circumstances outside of our control, the TSH Stage Rally will not take place in May this year.  We are looking at other possibilities for later in the year but it would not be appropriate to speculate at this time.

In the meantime we thank all our loyal competitors and we sincerely hope that we will be back in May 2025 and see you all there for another weekend of great motorsport.
17th January 2024

TSH Stages

TSH Stages

subaru spare

  • 15 stages / 101 miles for £390

  • No splits or merges

  • Enjoy some of the best Sealed surface rallying in South West England!

  • A round of the ASWMC and ACSMC championships

  • Event Facebook "TSH Stages"

2 April 2023:: LATEST NEWS.. Regs. published HERE and entry opens 8pm, April 2nd!  ACCOMMODATION: We are leaving crews to book their own accommodation this time - we have always had a great time at HAVEN Perran Sands and this is where many of our Officials will be staying at the weekend.  Please book direct at the HAVEN website.

***No Photos or Videos to be taken at ANY TIME whilst at the venue. This includes mobile phones, cameras, drones, “Go Pro” style cameras and your service crew!***


Steve and Yvonne Furzeland - 2010 winners TSH stages

Welcome to South Hams Motor Club's TSH Stages Rally.

We are delighted to be able to present the 2023 TSH Stage Rally at RRH Portreath.  At the request of competitors we are returning to the two day format offering approximately 101 miles of competition.  We are proud to again be a round of the ASWMC and ACSMC Sealed surface championships.

We would like to take a moment to thank all volunteers and marshals that work hard before, during and after to make the event happen.

Additionally we thank all the personnel of RRH Portreath.Adrian Brown

We look forward to seeing you at RRH Portreath, it's good to be back for 2 days!

Many Thanks,
Paul Watts, Clerk Of the Course

2022 Official photographer: Howard Fowler:  569media


TSH entry, admin. and results


  • Entry form (from 8pm, Sunday 2nd April) - HERE
  • Update your entry - HERE - IMPORTANT: If you have forgotten your password - please contact the Entry Secretary. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANOTHER ENTRY!!.
  • Entry List - HERE
  • Regs - HERE
  • Final Instructions - HERE NOTE: They will be posted (to your Navigator) as they contain the passes to get onto RRH Portreath. Please check with your navigator before contacting us!
  • 2023 Results - HERE
  • 2022 Results - HERE
  • 2019 Results - HERE
  • 2017 Results - HERE
  • 2016 Results - HERE
Near Live results (if all goes to plan...!)
 South West Time Keeping / Rally Times Online Results HERE
  • Podcasts from the 2013 event are on our YouTube channel HERE.

CO2 and Climate change

As part of our commitment to:
•    The protection of the environment
•    Reducing the detrimental impact of events on the environment
•    Improving the sustainability of motorsport in the UK

We donate a small environmental levy from our events to offset the CO2 produced by all competing vehicles, and that of the South Hams Motor Club organisers on the event. We invest this in a local tree planting scheme to permanently offset the carbon produced and to achieve net-zero carbon for our events.

Read more here.

TSH 2023 Winners

Congratulations to....

Steve and Yvonne Furzeland - 1st Overall

Rob Bolt and Paul Hoad - 1st Class A

John Lewis & Kath Curzon - 1st - Class B

Mark and Nic Clayton - 1st Class C

Tony Rees and Sophie Louise Buckland - 1st - Class D

Danielle Furzeland and Mark Johnson - 1st Class E


Pictures copyright Howard Fowler


The tsh stages is a round of the following championships...


DL Motorsport Parts ASWMC                        Hamilton Classics Ltd ACSMC

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