ASWMC winner

"ASWMC - TSH Stages: Best Sealed Surface Rally - 2014"

TSH Stages

The Subaru WRC Spares TSH Stages

subaru spare

  • 106 miles for £290

  • 2 part entry fee available (£90 + £200)

  • Enjoy some of the best Sealed surface rallying in South West England!

  • A round of the ASWMC, ACSMC, GwynneSpeed championships and HRCR Stage Masters Challenge

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23 March 2017:: LATEST NEWS...

Regs out and entry live...

South Hams Motor Club welcomes...
Solution Graphics The TSH Stages :: Promo

Steve and Yvonne Furzeland - 2010 winners TSH stages

Welcome to South Hams Motor Club's, 2017 Subaru WRC Spares Ltd. TSH Stages Rally. We are again running over 2 days at RAF Portreath, offering around 106 miles of challenging motorsport stages. (49.4 miles on Saturday and 57.2 miles on Sunday). We are proud to again be a round of the ASWMC and ACSMC Sealed surface championships, and the new GwynneSpeed Rally Challenge. For 2017 we welcome the West Wales Rally Spares HRCR Stage Masters Challenge.

We would like to thank Steve and Yvonne Furzeland for their continued support from Subaru WRC Spares, as well as all the personnel of RRH Portreath. Thanks must also go to all who volunteer their time to make this rally possible.

Adrian BrownAgain this year will see the social Saturday evening which we hope will make your rally even more enjoyable. With the rally HQ at Perran Sands in the early part of the evening, which will help lead into what we hope will be a good social night.

Haven Holidays at Perran Sands will also form the venue for our choice of accommodation. This year we have pre-booked a block of caravans to make it easier for you to book your accommodation along with your entry with us.


Alsongisde, we will also be running the Channel Island Challenge, to say thank you to our friends that make the trip over from the Islands.

The organising team have been working hard with the MSA and the RAF to deliver a different use of the venue this year, with the Service Area moving to a new position on the airfield. We believe this will offer a different challenge to even seasoned TSH competitors. We look forward to seeing you at RRH Portreath's only stage rally, for a brilliant weekend of motorsport.

Many Thanks,
Paul Watts, Clerk Of the Course

Official photographer: Andy Manston: M and H Photography

TSH entry, admin., caravans and results

  • Entry form - HERE. (CLOSED)
  • Update your entry - HERE IMPORTANT: If you have forgotten your password - please contact the Entry Secretary. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANOTHER ENTRY!!.
  • Entry List - HERE
  • Book a caravan for 2017 - HERE
  • Regs and Entry Form - HERE
  • Final Instructions - HERE NOTE: They will be posted as they contain the passes to get onto RRH Portreath. Please check with your driver / navigator before contacting us!
  • 2017 Results - HERE
  • 2016 Results - HERE
Near Live results (if all goes to plan...!) - HERE
2016 - We will be broadcasting TSH Rally Radio: HERE
  • Podcasts from the 2013 event are on our YouTube channel HERE.

TSH 2017 Winners

Congratulations to....

Steve and Yvonne Furzeland - 1st Overall (for 10th time!)

Paul King and Alicia Miles

1st Class D

Ben Parker and Shaun Layland

1st Class C

James and Ben Harvey

1st - Class E

Pictures copyright Andy Manston

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